About Me

" Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear."

My name is Angie.  I am currently a freelance artist, and former artist with MAC Cosmetics.  One of my biggest passions in life is to make others happy and I aim to work to use my talents to bring happiness to everyone I meet.  Nothing brings me greater joy than the connections I make with my clients.  The bond between the artist and client is very important to me. It is an equal flow of energy, we help create their world and they touch our lives. I feel that it's important to make all of my clients feel comfortable and I strive to give my very best in all that I do.


Outside of fashion work, I have a deep love for art, education, philanthropy work and wellness. When I have the time, I enjoy blogging, exploring different cultures and loving every bit of life.


My artistic style is ever changing, as I am always a student of life and growth.  My creativity flows from my authentic need to create.


Other: Sponsored Trio Ambassador, partnered with Under Armour, Body Lab for Women by Jennifer Lopez and  a former fitness model for Naturally Fit Agency.




My Life Experiences